What kind of sex do you prefer?

What kind of sex do you prefer?

When it comes to sex, each person is different and has different desires. They say that sex is learned with age, and that you become more experienced the more sexual experiences you have. The sex game can also differ from one moment to another, when you feel like wild sex or when you want to be dominated. So what kind of sex do you like?

Comfortable sex.
Probably this type of sex is resorted to by most couples where the partners have already gotten used to each other. Sometimes, it is also good to practice this type of sex because you have easy sexual positions that can still give you and your partner sexual pleasure. You choose this type of sex when you are tired or don't feel like sex, but your lover insists. Most of the time, couples rely on 2-3 main sexual positions, which they are already used to and which they don't want to change.

Crazy sex.
Crazy and wild sex is perhaps the best sex you will ever have. With a suitable partner, such a game can become an incendiary one. Wild sex is intense and requires some sustained physical effort (or at least as much as the partner can withstand). It is a very good activity for your heart, for burning fat and for achieving orgasm. Most of the time, this type of sex is left with slaps on the bottom, with more difficult positions or with dirty talk. If you are an uninhibited person and you like sex, then never say no to an intense party of crazy sex.

Luuung sex.
This depends a lot on how resistant your partner is and how much he can hold back. If you know he can't last long, then make him finish the first time with an unforgettable blowjob or handjob. Here are some tips for blowjobs. After it finishes the first time and recovers for about 20 minutes, you can continue the sex game for much longer. This involves practicing several positions, slow and deep penetration, caresses, kisses and lots of passion. In this sex game, you don't have to look for the orgasm, but wait for it to surprise you as late as possible. Here you have time for sexual games, massages, a lot of intimacy and more intense pleasure.

Dominant sex.
Here you will either dominate or let yourself be dominated, like a luxury escort agency who is paid for sex and used in every imaginable way, anyway, and this type of sex is worth the effort. All of us, whether we are talking about women or men, love these "power" games. Do you like your boyfriend to do everything you tell him? Then initiate a sex game in which you completely dominate him and in which he pleases you. On the contrary, do you like to be subject to him and to order you around? Perfect, then be his sex slave for a day. There is nothing shameful about the dominant sex, regardless of who is the dominated. You must know that such sex parties only bring you closer and make you know each other even better.